Lighthouse Outreach Ministries, Inc.

Lighthouse Outreach Ministries, Inc., is a 501(c) nonprofit, tax-exempt organization serving Jackson, Mississippi and surrounding areas. My husband, Elder Michael F. Owen, and I lead this ministry where we provide a variety of services. The ministry is more than 21 years old and has several offerings, including the Welcome Table Food Ministry, that served more than 5,000 people in 2016, Connect Care Prayer Ministry, nursing home ministry, and computer training and after school tutoring ministry. We also run Turning Point Mission Center, which is an affiliate of Lighthouse Outreach Ministries, Inc. We offer weekly Bible study and worship services at Turning Point, as well as present intensive study programs, such as the current prophecy study.

We serve the area’s indigent, elderly, and at-risk, as several of our programs are aimed at helping to meet the needs of our most vulnerable populations. Through a partnership with Whole Foods, for example, our Welcome Table Food Ministry allows us to provide nutritious, organic food every week, while partnerships with KFC and other organizations also allow us to provide food resources to those we serve. We also have been able to offer free computer classes to the public, through other partnerships.  

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Below are some photos from some of our events. The first is of food distribution through our food ministry, the second is a community event, the third is a computer class.