Prayer is an important part of life for many of us. According to a Pew Research study from 2014, more than half of Americans say they pray every day. I find prayer to be incredibly important in my own life. While I pray throughout the day, I also set aside specific times to pray. I pray on a daily morning prayer conference, have my own prayer time and study time, and of course pray before bed.

I also have a Monday evening prayer conference where I pray with those on the call, over various issues going on in their lives.

So what does prayer actually do for us?

  1. It connects us with God. Of course prayer is a conversation with God. We get to talk to him as we would talk to a friend. We get to share our cares, concerns, and interests with him.
  2. It removes isolation. Despite the fact that we are living in such a connected world, thanks to social media, more and more people feel lonelier and more isolated than ever before. One way to address this is to turn to prayer. Communicating with God helps us not to feel alone, and helps us realize that we matter.
  3. It helps us tap into God’s divine wisdom. When we pray, especially when we combine that with study of the Word, we get to open ourselves up to learning about and understanding God. When we pray — being sure, not only to talk to God but to listen to what he says back — we begin to gain insight and perspective on life.
  4. It empowers us. When we pray, we get to claim the power that can be unleashed only through prayer. The Word says the prayers of the righteous availeth much. That means prayer has the power to do a lot. So where you may not have any power in your human ability, through prayer, you can gain access to supernatural wonders.
  5. It helps us make decisions. Prayer can be a powerful tool in our arsenal when we are making decisions, both big and small. Prayer helps us connect with God and truly listen to him, and it provides the space for self-reflection so we can pause and truly consider our decisions. This can help us make more sound choices.
  6. It can ease stress. Realizing that you are not in your situation alone, and that God is on your side, can help ease the tension, stress, and anxiety you may be feeling. Casting your burdens on God gives you the confidence to know you can face the challenge that lies before you.

Prayer is a tool you can use anytime. Joining with others in prayer can have an amazing effect, as group or collective prayers hold special significance. If you’d like to tap into the power of prayer to help you in your life, be sure to join my prayer conference. To do so, click here.