We all face challenges at various points in life. Sometimes things can be going well and seemingly out of nowhere, we bump into a wall. Or we could feel that things have been going wrong so long, we wonder if they will ever be right.

And that’s where prayer comes in. Prayer helps us to connect with God in a real way, so we can share our burdens with him. You see, often we become overwhelmed by life’s circumstances and it may seem impossible to overcome, if we rely on our natural minds. But turning to God and his word can help us to gain a wider perspective, to realize that God can turn around even the most impossible-seeming circumstances.

I know I have experienced situations in my own life where prayer definitely made a difference. I can recall one time when I was working for a governmental agency and some around me were conspiring against me. They wanted to take my job — demote me. But I prayed about the matter and trusted God’s guidance. And do you know what happened? Not only did I not lose my job or get demoted, but I ended up with a promotion! Those who sought to conspire against me had to watch while God elevated me.

That is the power of prayer. I share this story and more in my forthcoming book, Simple Prayers for Everyday Life. Simple Prayers includes more than 30 prayers to help you face your everyday challenges, from job related issues to relationships to financial matters to health and much more.

I wrote this book to help you navigate connect with God, grow your faith, and share your burdens with the Lord. You don’t have to face your challenges alone, nor do you have to get overwhelmed with despair.

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